My company, at, publishes  pocket-sized, illustrated booklets about wine, cheese and chocolate, with more topics coming soon. The handy reference guides are great for:
  • retail sales
  • food & beverage staff training
  • wine, cheese and chocolate clubs
  • gift baskets
  • promotional uses 

WINE LOVERS' MANUAL... The 5 minute “crush” Course!
  • Selecting Wine for a Menu
  • Food with Wine
  • The Right Temperature for Wines
  • Wine Bottle Types/Shapes
  • The Proper Shape Wine Glass
  • How Long a Wine Should Age
  • Wine Tasting Lingo
  • The Basics of Sparkling Wines
  • Wine Regions of Europe, California, etc.
WINE LOVERS' MANUAL II... Uncorked: Comparing and Pairing
  • Reading a Wine by Appearance – Visual clues
  • A Closer Look at Whites – What different colors and hues indicate
  • A Closer Look at Reds  Effects of tannin, age, etc. on color
  • Evaluating Smell and Taste
  • Key Components and Flavors in Wine
  • Food and Wine Pairing  Different approaches
  • Uncorking a Bottle  Using various openers like a pro
  • Grape Varietals Illustrated – Flavors/aromas, character/structure etc.
CHEESE LOVERS’ MANUAL... A “bite sized” cheese course!

  • Buying, Storing & Tasting Cheese
  • How Cheeses are Classified
  • How the Milk used Defines a Cheese
  • Pairing Cheeses with Wine and Bread
  • Cheese Nutrition
  • How to Slice Cheese
  • Comprehensive List of European and American Cheeses
  • Fun Facts about Cheese
  • Creating a Cheese Plate'
THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS’ MANUAL... Taste of a timeless treat
  • Origin & History of Chocolate
  • The Styles of Chocolate
  • Ingredients in Chocolate
  • How Chocolate is Made
  • Tasting, Evaluating & Storing Chocolate
  • The Chocolate-Love Connection
  • Chocolate and Health
  • Chocolate Facts & Miscellany
  • Enticing Photographs of Classic Chocolate Confections in poster forma

Visit for more details about the guides, and for information about wine varietals, tasting, pairing, etc.

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