Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sushi is the most popular and requested meal at our house. It is a lot of work to make, and ingredients are very expensive. Plus, the kids go crazy and eat a lot. I need to save some money from the weekly food budget in order to give sushi dinners once every two months or so. To make the huge quantities, I need to bring in my sushi chef friend. We spend almost 5 hours to make about one hundred of these large rolls (1,000 pieces) and one hundred of Nigiri sushi (individual sushi). They are all eaten in 15 minutes.

I do not consider these kinds of sushi rolls authentic in Japan.
They were created in California in the last 25 years.

Nigiri Sushi
This is real traditional/authentic Tokyo-style sushi.
You can taste and enjoy a single ingredient at a time.

Assorted California Rolls

My friend and sushi chef, "Mr. Apple"

These are assorted vegetarian rolls.

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