Monday, October 10, 2011

Flat Bread Pizza

I made pesto sauce for a friend this morning, so I was able to make a quick lunch for myself using Lavash Bread. It's like a Mexican tortilla and quite versatile in that you can put on any topping you like, then roll it up and slice, or just cut into smaller squares and serve like an open (or folded) sandwich.

I normally warm up Lavash bread just a few minutes in the oven or quickly toast it over the open gas flame or grill. For the one in the picture above, I put my homemade pesto sauce, sliced tomatoes, arugula and some fresh mozzarella cheese on top. I often make it with sliced mushrooms, shredded cheese, arugula with thin sliced prosciutto or Coppa (dry-cured pork shoulder) or sliced smoked salmon with thin-sliced cucumber and sour cream, cream cheese etc.... whatever I can find in my refrigerator. Quick and easy!

Mushroom, red onion and fresh basil leaves

Thin sliced Coppa

I am lucky to have a store called "Woodside  Delicatessen" (Italian family-owned)  in my neighborhood. It's  kind of an old-style establishment, but very popular, and they have a wonderful selection of many cold meat products, both domestic and imported. What I love is that they slice cold meats perfectly for you for no charge. It makes a big difference when you get freshly sliced cold cuts. And they are very friendly people and  know all their customers' names.

Prosciutto with Parmigiano Reggiano

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